I have a very special announcement regarding the Hot Lead painting DVDs.

Jim Ludwig of Dark Sword Miniatures has purchased the rights to produce the DVDs!


Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have purchased all rights to both Hot Lead Miniature Painting DVD Sets and now have the much sought after Hot Lead – How to Paint a Better Miniature 3 DVD set back in print and available for purchase on the Dark Sword Miniatures Web site. We also have the Hot Lead – Painting Difficult Colors 2 DVD set available for purchase. We will be making both DVD sets available to our hobby store and distribution partners in the weeks ahead:


I have personally been a huge fan of Laszlo and what he did with his miniature painting DVD sets for many years now. He really set the standard with his DVD sets. Dark Sword quickly followed suit with Miniature Painting DVD sets of our own from Jen Haley & Anne Foerster, Jessica Rich, and Marike Reimer. Being able to learn from all of these different world-class painters on these DVD sets has really equipped painters of all levels with the tools they need to level up their skills and avoid having to figure everything out on their own with little to no guidance. This is truly a great time to be a miniature painter with all of these miniature painting resources available.

From the creator of the two acclaimed Hot Lead DVD sets – Laszlo Jakusovszky:

“I'm very pleased to make a major announcement about the Hot Lead miniature painting DVDs!

Jim Ludwig, proprietor and driving force behind Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc., has purchased the rights to my Hot Lead DVDs (How to Paint a Better Miniature and Painting Difficult Colors). Jim and I have always seen eye to eye on miniature painting: quality miniatures, painted using the best instruction possible, has expanded the hobby greatly.

This is due in no small part to my DVDs and those that Jim produced from other famous painters in the miniatures community. My videos helped train thousands of new painters. It makes great sense to add my titles to Dark Sword's growing stable of videos - completing a range of DVDs to instruct painters of all skill levels, featuring award-winning professionals.

I'm honored and humbled that Jim will continue to produce the Hot Lead series and keep them in print so even more aspiring painters can learn from them in the years ahead. I know they couldn't be in better hands! Dark Sword Miniatures is reprinting the sets immediately, with new copies available as we speak. I hope you'll continue to offer Dark Sword the respect and patronage you've given me over the years, and keep those brushes flying!”

You can swing by the Dark Sword site to check out all of the great miniature painting resources available along with our multi-award winning premium pewter miniature ranges.

Jim Ludwig